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SIMULOVER: The Combined Forces of SIRPAUL and Alex Lauterstein

Simulover is more than the union of singer/producer SIRPAUL™ and DJ/Producer Alex Lauterstein, it is a creative communion just given birth to that surely, is one of the Ten Best Albums of the Year. It is difficult to make a parallel with any existing band to describe in words what the ‘Simulover’ sound is. It is a peculiar sound- so personal but, in turn, a sound that we’ve wanted to keep listening to after the eighties. Simulover sounds like Pet Shop Boys meets Soft Cell all in a glamorous 2011 format. In modern terms, it’s like a club version of Gnarls Barkley with lot of creativity and histrionics.

The Simulover trip starts with the intro track Arrival and leads into the super-experimental Tourniquet. Then the first single: Unbroken, a synth pop song reminiscent of London in the first half of the eighties which immediately drops you off at the almost mantra Cheap Thrill. The restless night continues withNights Like This and the song Ghost Box remind us of our excesses. The soothing quality of Lauterstein’s voice opens Heal and then SIRPAUL delivers us his broken heart in the best interpretation of the album: Someone Else. As if it were a two-sided vinyl, here you can make a cut and see how a B-side starts with a different look.

Lightyears is one of my favorites of the album and SIRPAUL makes you contemplate a day in Simulover’s life. The brightness of Into Deeper grows with each listen, while the cover of Love and Rocket’s So Alive dusts off the spiderwebs and adds the color of this century: Impeccable, as if it were released yesterday.

Laserlove shows how a guest can illuminate without deviating outside the aesthetic of the band. Cherylyn’s voice (also provided backing vocals So Alive) moves fluidly as another member of the band. Impeccable.

The highlight of the night comes on the heels of another guest, DevlinelleBeautiful sound exactly like a cell phone alert: happy on the outside but with a message that forces you to think. The outro set Paris Rouge continues into Paris Noir … leaving us longing for more from this exciting New York City duo.


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